A lunar journey through transformational myth, ancestral healing, and plant medicine. Honouring the role of descent in times of radical change.

This journey involves 5 online workshops over the course of a month starting on the Scorpio full moon of May 7th. 

Featuring guest teachers and healers we will create a safe space to share wisdom, energetic activations, and home practices. This content will centre around the healing process of "initiation by descent", (to read more about this term, scroll down). 

Our presenters are herbalists, astrologers, artists, storytellers, shamanic healers, activists, and earth keepers. 

Our wish is to empower you through times of upheaval and change by connecting deeply with the transformative medicine that exists within the natural cycles of birth, death, and renewal. To remember how to work with the deep, nourishment found when we travel to these deep, dark, feminine realms. 

It is our hope that a world where more people live consciously with these cycles and living archetypes can be a world that is more connected, compassionate, and creative. 

Begins May 7th 2020

Price: $108AUD



'We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us" Joseph Campell.

Sometimes called a “dark night of the soul”, descent experiences may appear at any moment in our personal or collective lives. Through loss, disease, conflict, natural disasters, or at times seemingly spontaneously. Through whatever means they present, these experiences disrupt the status quo and take us down to the subconscious and unconscious realms of shadows, death, endings, and change. These places are the cocoon of transformation, the shedding of what was in order for important change and renewal to eventually take place. In many ways it is a coming home. Home to the creative void, the cosmic womb, the deep earth, the river below the river.  

This timeless psycho-spiritual journey to “the beneath” can be located in many of our oldest recorded myths, those such as the descent of Persephone, Inanna or Kukulcan. It is reflected in the natural world through seasons, planetary cycles, menstrual cycles and the animal kingdom. But this wisdom has been largely rejected and forgotten by contemporary western culture in favour of valuing an unhealthy masculine narrative of endless growth, consumerism, expansion, the domination of natural cycles, fetishizing positivity, and preserving “life” at all costs. The Hero's Journey of triumphing over external obstacles to reach a goal has replaced the initiations of descent that require alchemical surrender for change to occur. Yet in truth, we need to become well-accustomed with both of these narratives and ways of being in order to be whole. 

The cost of straying so very far from intimacy with the descent is costing us greatly, we are living with those consequences right now. Ecological decline, mass extinctions, suicide, addiction, autoimmunity, infertility...all symptoms of a growth obsessed culture, missing the renewing power of the descent. 

By reacquainting ourselves to these realms, we access a reserve of wisdom, power, and creativity essential for becoming spiritually mature. Our crises become initiations when we are able to accept transformation and move towards healing renewal having learnt something and become fundamentally changed in the process. 

This program is an introduction to that journey. Aligned with the cycle of the moon so we may observe our internal landscape flowing with the natural world around us. In this way, rather than resist and fear the process we start to understand and embody them. We weave our lives in harmony with the sacred patterns and relationships that are always available to support us when we go, as we all eventually must, to the great below, the underworld...The Sweet Beneath. 


The Journey

Begins on the full moon of May 7 from 2-4 pm NZST

Weekly, live 2-hour zoom calls ending on the full moon of June 6th.

Calls will feature a portion of teaching, sound/energy activation and questions/answers.

All participants will be given home practices to work with during each week.

Participants may select a plant ally to work with more closely during this journey. For more details please refer to the section called "RESOURCES" below. 

All content will be recorded for access post the live calls.

Some simple items will be needed. Most can be found around the home or garden at little or no cost.

The whole journey will be hosted by Lara Charlotte and joined by guest facilitators throughout.

Your Guide

Guest Mentors

Bonnita Gillard

Bonnita Gillard is an artist, researcher, writer and BioField practitioner living in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by the archetypal mythology of the human psyche and the underworld of trauma, has lead to years of research and training in various modalities from Art Therapy, Transpersonal Counselling, Sound Therapy and Nutrition.  Bonnita is passionate about awakening the human spirit through art and sound therapy, enabling her to deliver a unique, potent healing experience and provide a life changing platform, allowing clients to transcend personal barriers and become visionaries of their own lives.

IG: @mamacitabonnita

Skye Indira

Skye grew up on a farm in South Africa and spent her early years immersed in wildlife conservation, rehabilitation and wilderness guiding.

Later she underwent a 3-year apprenticeship in taoist healing practices before moving to the Peruvian Amazon where she was immersed in the study of shipibo curanderismo (plant spirit medicine) for 5years and co-facilitated healing retreats and plant dietas alongside her partner.

She now lives in Melbourne where she works are a Nature Connection mentor for children, a Work that Reconnects facilitator and as folk herbalist/hedgewitch.

Connect with Skye



Loveday Rose Why

Loveday is a lightworker, guide and sacred space facilitator. Founder of Luminous Earth Academy and with a PhD in ecopoetics and relationality, her passion is to connect people back to their inner creative life force so they can birth their sacred work into the world. With 15 years experience as an energy worker and through teaching celestial healing, energy medicine, meditation, movement, embodiment and the ways of the Earth, she nurtures those with a deep knowing of their power into being the forces of nature they truly are.

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IG: @lovedayrosewhy